Imagine the most dystropic world you can:

-There are computers, but they instruction set and hardware set is so complex that nobody on the entry world fully understands how they work.

-Imagine that software development become so complex and expensive that basically no software is being written any more, only ,,apps'' designed in ,,devtools''.

-Imagine that opening a generic picture file needs more complex algorythms than sending a rocket with persons to land on the moon.

-Imagine a world, where the education of the students on computers is about showing the shapes of computers, and they call it ,,science''.

-Imagine a world where being an IT professional means fake-expertising a $30000 hardware with clicking in a specific software basically as a teached operator, with a 0.001% efficiency rate teached by fake professionals payed by corporations through bribed public servants - from your tax.

-Imagine a world, where they capture every button you pressed down, where the network providers are directly connected to national surviellance.

-Imagine a computer, which requires 1 billion transistors to flicker the cursor on the screen.

-Imagine a world which was not able to show up any kind of technological innovation in the last 20 years.

-Imagine a world, where computers are driven by software written from 400 million lines of source code.

-Imagine a world, where the biggest 20 technology corporation with total 2 million employers and 100 billion usd revenue groups up to introduce a new standard. And they are unable to write even a compiler within 15 years.

I have bad news: This is not an imagination, this is our current world.

Dawn operating system and its underlying hardware specifications meant to offer something different.