2019, april 2. - Font patch
-The most popular hiragana set were missing from the character table.

2019, feb 13. - Compiler optimizations
-5% speed-up in the compiler.
-Dead code is removed from the compiler.

2019, jan 07. - Search software
-A new built-in search software called Find is added into the operating system.
-The process explorer now rolls around if moving upwards with the UP key.

2018, dec 08. - Minor bugfix
-Drawing the rotated text in the resolution settings is too slow, so most of
the text is removed from there to keep the panel a bit more responsive.

2018, oct 26. - Fixing some strange bugs
-Marking text in Open/Save dialog was bugous.
-Compiler sometimes silently generated garbage code for too complex formula.
-Fixed a bug with copying and pasting texts in the system (reported by Mintsuki).
-Fixed a typo in the hardware documentation (reported by Mintsuki).
-A bug allowed a hidden window to receive mouse button events through window borders in some cases (reported by Mintsuki).
-Fixed a bug in malloc implementation (reported by Mintsuki).

2018, sep 28. - Editor hotfix
-Backspace button caused memory corruption the editor in some cases.

2018, sep 16. - Compiler update
-New function calling convention is added, which results in smaller code size and a tiny speed-up.

2018, aug 31. - Critical bugfix
-Fixed a scheduler malfunction that sometimes illegally scheduled processes to the 0th
core on SMP systems, causing stall. Every user must update to this release.

2018, aug 30. - Smaller load time, and bugfix
-Operating system initialization time is optimized by 10-20%.
-Fixed a bug in chess with enpassant.
-Fixed a performance glitch in chess.
-Fixed a bug with GUI when opening new app.

2018, july 30. - Optimizations and bugfix
-Fixed a selection length bug in the text editor.
-Renderer was updated, 5% speed up overall
-Fixed a bug in the compiler with unsigned int * declarations and casting.

2018, july 10. - Chess bugfix
-A bug was fixed in the chess.

2018, june 30. - Minor update
-5-10% speed-up in the user interface in some cases.

2018, may 15. - Bugfix release
-Alarm clock caused crash on activation.
-Alarm clock settings was not saved in system.
-System info panels mistakenly displayed Petabyte, when they should have calculated Gigabyte.
-Fixed a floating GUI glitch with bold texts.

2018, april 14. - AVI player
-Added video player, it can play uncompressed BGR24 and YUV420 AVI files.
-Fixed some minor bugs in the wave player.
-Fixed a rendering bug
-5-10% speed-up on low-end systems.
-5-10% speed-up in the linux version of the 64-bit emulator itself (rewritten in assembly - again).
-5-10% speed-up on multicore systems when re-rendering small graphics elements.
-Fixed system volume panel, when virtual keyboard is open.
-Added hwrite_lock function in C to act as lock/semaphore functionality for better thread synchronization.
-Fixed a bug causing kernel crash when deleting a single-lined selected text in the editor.
-Displaying the memory corruption warning itself caused memory corruption.

2018, march 18. - Image viewer hotfix
Fixed ratio bugs in image viewer.

2018, march 04. - Small optimizations
Less clock cycle is wasted when navigating with absolute mouse pointer.
If the frame per second rate is high, the OS will show the resizing-shape of mouse cursor when its above borders, even in absolute mouse mode.
Various bugs are fixed with the scroll bars when nagivating in the file browser.
Font rendering is now 5%-10% faster.

2018, march 01. - Better font rendering
Better fixed-width font rendering in some textboxes and in the text editor.
The 5-th unused mouse parameter index is now also erased by the mouse handler to help indicating when it was reading out the params.
A minor glitch was fixed on the virtual keyboard.
Boot time on some SMP systems decreased by 5-10%.

2018, jan 24. - Better interface

-Fixed a bug causing memory corruption, when pressing a key in system exit menu.
-Fixed various bugs causing memory corruption, when typing larger texts into some text boxes.
-Added a text box to disk browser
-Better coloring, and keyboard handling in file browser
-Fixed a potential file system corruption bug, when a disk is removed, now the system tries to eventually close down all file descriptor with write or append privilige.
-Added ramdrive support.
-Fixed a keyboard glitch in new directory/file menu.
-Fixed scale bugs in file browser for open/save.
-Fixed some misleading informations in the hardware manual.

2018, jan 07. - Small footsteps

Now the file info menu exits on escape key.
Added Mill game (Nine Mans Morris).
Fixed a bug that disabled manual display resolution settings in the OS.
On slow configurations, the built-in tools are opening faster, when they are opened from the start menu, or from the taskbar.
Lock screen now display date and time.

2017, dec 18. - Important update

Better tolerance of cache incoherency in PCB.
Added CPU speed measure in About menu.
Save/SaveAs menu recolored a bit, and now its less CPU demanding.
Added getch and _getch to C compiler for better compatibility with sloth programmers (warning - it will destroy pending mouse packages too).
Fixed broken chdir("..") call in the operating system.
Due to a bug, the OS was unable to run executables when only one core was present in the system.

Better performance on unicore systems.
Fixed a glitch in process control when suddenly a lot of new cpu cores appear.
Fixed more problems with CPU hotplug.
Fixed broken home directory management for executables.
Fixed some broken text alignation in compiler help, and added some missing backslashes.
Disk explorer now dont makes a blank cycle before displaying the drives.

2017, dec 09. - Small bugfix

Dawn now works on GPU-s: with a new OpenCL capable emulator, Dawn now boots and works on Graphics Cards, GPU-s and IGP-s (with OpenCL 1.0).
Dawn is the first and only operating system to boot and work fully on a graphics chip.
Fixed bugs on systems without timer.
Fixed a bug when cpu core sync is slow in the renderer.

2017, dec 07. - Keyboard hotfix

Fixed last major bugs resulting slow poll of pressed keys, resulting keypress event losses.
Minimal optimisations in text processing.
Disk read/write seek stalls now wont result a pause of processing some i/o events in the OS.

2017, dec 04. - Optimisations

Various bugs fixed in the text editor and in paint.
Operating system now uses even less effects on slow computers.
Fixed a bug causing forceful update of sprites were not working properly.
The responsibility of text input is extended in every tool.
Fixed a glitch when opening virtual keyboard, or clicking the start menu if virtual keyboard is opened.
New optimisations in the GUI, mostly related to font rendering.

2017, dec 03. - General hotfix

Fwrite was broken in some cases.
Now the OS can optionally accept multiple bytes on the Disk data IO memory address at a time when reading the disk, if the disk sends it. This, alongside with other optimisation in the file system increases the read speed.
Fixed a bug in Start/RUN that prevented the user from typing the text after clicking back.
Changed the colors of the window title bars, and the newest opened window title bar is highlighted in different color.
Imrpoved the scroll bars: now they are working more like in other systems, if it is ideal to work like that.
Paint now uses an optimized filling algorithm.
Keyboard control of applications were broken for some software. Fixed.
Some notable optimizations in the GUI rendering: 10-40% general performance gain.

2017, dec 02. - Mouse and emulator bugfix

Fixed various touchscreen/absolute mouse related bugs in the operating system and in the emulators. The manual in the operating system was also misleading about this, that is now fixed too.
Clicking on Window icons now resizes the window.
All of the emulators are partially rewritten, and unsynced render is enabled by default (use _noflickering versions if it bothers you).

2017, nov 28. - General bugfix and optimizations

Fixed a critical bug in the C compiler causing multi-dimensional array address computation to accumulate garbaged results, resulting memory corruption
Home button now jumps to the first word in text editor, it the cursor is alreday at the 0th position.
A small bug fixed with process control.
A major optimization in C compiler now optimizes out most of the temporary variables, making faster function calls, and faster general performance.

2017, nov 15. - Various bugfix

A critical bug causing system instability is fixed when forcefully closing down a process with a pending call
Fixed a few bug when compiler received broken file names.
Fixed some minor sync bugs in the mouse handler.
Fixed a bug with space characters when entering things into the RUN field.
Fixed a bug in network location symc.
The Coder file editor now have better usage explanations
Fixed a memory corruption bug related to loading executable files.
Disk access speed increased by 10%
Minor performance optimizations in runtime calls
Fixed a bug in the chess.

2017, oct 15. - Performance update

Speeded up the loading time with a few percent.
Performance of the renderer is increased.

2017, oct 7. - General bugfix

Disk informations were missing from the hardware help.
Text in editor is now more readable.

2017, sep 7. - File system bugfix

Fixed a bug falsely preventing to delete directories in some cases.
Fixed several performance glitch while browsing or opening files.

2017, sep 4. - UTF8 and Unicode bugfix

Fixed multiple memory garbage bug in the Unicode character display engine.
The compilation speed is increased on slow computers, when compiling small files.
Fixed a vulnerability in the UTF8 decoder that resulted infinite loop of the OS with some special formatted characters.
Fixed a bug in text editor: saving international characters stuck in infinite loop.
Fixed the bug in text display engine that caused memory garbage when typing international characters.
The compiler now works properly with international UTF8/Unicode characters.

2017, aug 21. - Fraction bugfix

Fixed some bugs with the scroll bars.
A bug in the C runtime caused flawed results when multiplying a number above 255 with fractions. This limit is now extended to approx 16 bit.
Fixed various bugs in the calculator.

2017, aug 20. - Minor bugfix release

Fixed some bugs in the features added lately
The OS now can do direct frame buffer access, if the hardware asks for it (see help/hardware.txt for more information). This makes possible to run Dawn just from 10 mhz on small screen resolutions.
Fixed an issue with touchscreen menu apperance on low-end machines.

2017, aug 18. - Major bugfix release

Better autodetection of extra-low screen resolution on boot, to keep the screen readable even on 512x384 and below
Various optimisations in the operating system resulted 10-30% speed-up in the overall performance
The kernel can now handle mouse actions on much lower-end machines than before
Fixed the random number generator
Fixed multiple bugs with the virtual keyboard
Fixed a ghost click on start menu
Ranemad one of the games
Added snake game
Restart/Shutdown message is now more readable on every resolution
Fixed a click-selection and a double-click issue in the file browser
Fixed the sleep icon
Start menu comes up properly if its called while a full-screen mode application runs

2017, aug 11. - Several bugfix

Line numbers in the text editor were missing due to a bug.
End and Home buttons were bugous in file browser.
Some typos and spelling errors fixed in the manual.
Opening the C compiler will give a short example code.
Some more infos added about the compiler.
Fixed the scroll bar in disk browser.

2017, aug 1. - Opensource emualtors

New, opensource emulator released for mobile phones (droid).
A new, opensource minimalistic example-emulator also released.

2017, july 2. - The OS is now available freely

The operating system is now available freely. In the old versions, free version was limited to 7 cores. This is now ended, serial key management is also removed from the operating system.

2017, may 2. - C and user interface bugfixes

Fixed rename function, and added rmdir to C runtime.
If a window creeps below taskbar, putting it down and bringing it up will result in proper location.
Bad absolute mouse location data is truncated.
Better fit of icons in file browser.
Fixed a bug in unicode decoder.
Fixed a file system integrity issue.

2017, april 10. - Low-spec optimisations

Added more optimisations on weak hardware.

2017, april 9. - Touchpad and low-spec optimisations

Dawn can handle the touschreen hardware as an absolute mouse better.
On low-speed hardware, Dawn will disable the wallpaper on default.
Bugs fixed in the desktop settings menu.

2017, april 1. - Scheduler bugfix

Minor optimizations in the scheduler.

2017, march 31. - Disk handler bugfix

Disk read/write stall glitch fixed when using fread/fwrite .
A bug fixed in the task handler.

2017, march 30. - Various bugfix

Toolset control in paint and text editor is improved.
Bugs fixed in pow, log, exp.
Bugs fixed in calculator.

2017, march 29. - Optimizations and bugfix

The error line handling in compiler is improved.
Imrpovements to fix mouse and network packet losses on low rendering speed
Operating system speed is improved by 10%

2017, march 21. - Optimizations and license

A restriction is lifted from the License.
5% performance gain in GUI.

2017, march 19. - GUI and editor bugs

Several bugs fixed in the text editor and in the GUI re-rendering.

2017, march 16. - Compiler ang GUI bugs

Several bugs fixed in the compiler related to inline function calls and runtime library.
A bug sometimes caused missing re-rendering of texts.

2017, march 15. - Resolution hotfix

Fixed a bug with wallpapers when changing screen resolution.

2017, march 15. - Emulator hotfix

Fixed disk access errors with the emulator win32 and win64 versions.

2017, march 15. - Dawn released

Today is the anniversary of the hungarian freedom fight of 1848. Dawn Operating System is available from today. It is a honor to release it today: this day symbolizes the fight of people for democracy and independence.
Today a new kind of battle starts: a battle to take away the computer industry from mega corporations and bribed public servants, and give it back to the people.

The emulator is not optimized, its purpose is only to show Dawn OS. People, please do your own proper emulators and hardware.