Dawn - operating system for SUBLEQ architecture

Dawn operating system is a high-level, multitasking, SMP capable general purpose GUI operating system, designed for the SUBLEQ architecture. It is designed for everyone who wants to experience some simpler architecture than the currently popular ISA-s. Dawn brings back the architectural complexity to the level of the individual people: the big-endian 64 bit SUBLEQ instruction set which Dawn relies on, does not have various cpu modes, have no multiple instructions, it does not have DMA, interrupts, MMU or paging, and aims for the transistor count and power consumption of a Tamagotchi.

Dawn is magic: you can play and learn with Dawn. You can write your own simple Dawn-compatible emulator, or you can try executing it on some FPGA. This platform is magnitudes easyer than anything else and its fun to deal with it, meanwhile at the same time its real heavyweight content-creational operating system with a compiler and all the basic tools.
Donators of the Dawn project:



Flowee project
(proposed by im_uname)

Ari Cryptonize.it




Dawn supports the folowing features:

- Big-endian 64-bit SUBLEQ CPU

- Mouse

- Keyboard

- Virtual keyboard

- Touchscreen

- Multitouch

- 64-bit sound input and output on 8 channels

- 4 force-feedback joysticks

- 16 RGB cameras

- Up to 32-bit RGBA graphics output, transparent screens are also supported

- P2P wireless networking protocol

- CPU hotplug

- Disk drive hotplug

- Up to 100 individual disk-drive

- Basic tools like document reader, paint, wave player, process explorer, etc

- Some simple games like chess, amoeba

- C/C99 compiler

- SMP support, up to basically unlimited CPU cores

- Very simple IO system that will stay constant for all future versions

- Memory and disk size support up to 2^63 bytes

- Battery, and power-saving features

- UTF8, unicode, ASCII

- Fast boot and shutdown

- Ramdisk

Why technologies like Dawn and SUBLEQ are important?

-Because the detailed instruction manual of todays desktop (x86) CPU-s and IO system is approximately 50 000 page long, and no one completely understands how they work. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

-In the overwhelming majority of IT scools, only scripting is teached in the place of programming 1 and in professional field, they teach interpreted proprietary languages 2 3 protected by lawyers and patents 4 5.

-Opening a generic picture file needs more complex algorithms than sending a rocket with persons to land on the moon.1 2

-One third of IT education is about shapes of computers, and ideal light conditions around the working desk1 . Another third is memorization of mathematical analysis theory papers from multiple hundred year old books2. Last third is about fake-expertising a $50000 server hardware 3 with clicking in a specific software basically as a teached operator 4.

-Computers are driven by software written from 400 million lines of source code. 1 2

The biggest 20 technology corporation with total 2 million employers and 100 billion usd yearly revenue formed a group 1 to create a new compiler standard. They worked on it for 15 years. And they failed. 2

-The national surveillance is wired to your ISP. 1 Does not matters, where you live.2

-Your desktop computer have more than one billion of transistors in it, and it consumes 100 watts to read this text on it. 1