Dawn operating system wants you to be free.

Other operating systems are designed to run on extremely complex hardware environments, but Dawn operating system is designed for the SUBLEQ architecture, which have no traditional instruction set. This allows a Dawn compatible processor and computer to be designed from a millionth costs than a traditional CPU.

Dawn is a modern graphics operating system, it supports the folowing features:
- Big-endian 64-bit SUBLEQ CPU
- Mouse
- Keyboard
- Virtual keyboard
- Touchscreen
- Multitouch
- 64-bit sound input and output on 8 channels
- 4 force-feedback joysticks
- 16 RGB cameras
- up to 32-bit RGBA graphics output, transparent screens are also supported
- An own p2p wireless networking protocol based on geolocation and requiring no external network provider cormprations
- CPU hotplug
- Disk drive hotplug
- Up to 100 individual disk-drive
- Basic tools like document reader, paint, wave player, process explorer, etc
- Some simple games like chess, amoeba
- C/C99 compiler that is capable of compiling codes written for the C programming language
- SMP support, up to basically unlimited CPU cores
- Very simple IO system that will stay constant for all future versions
- Memory and disk size support up to 2^63 bytes
- Battery, and power-saving features
- UTF8, unicode, ASCII
- Fast boot and shutdown
Technology name: x86 cpu arm cpu Integrated microcontrollers SUBLEQ cpu
Typical price per piece: 100 USD 10 USD 1 USD 1 USD
Typical bus width: 64 bit 64 bit 16 bit 64 bit
Minimum design power consumption: 6 Watt
1 Watt
0.01 Watt
0.01 Watt
Minimum typical transistor count per CORE: 300 million 100 million 60 000 60 000
Best usage: Personal computers, notebooks, servers Cell phones, netbooks, TV-s, Video players, embedded systems Toys, pheripheries All

Subleq CPU design can scale from the simplest and smallest designs, Dawn OS will boot on all of them, if there is enough RAM for it.

While creating a modern x86 CPU and a computer based on it requires 10 year of works by 5000 professional engineerer with unique knowledge, and the most advenced chip manufacturing facilities, creating a SUBLEQ CPU can be done even by a good enginner.

To run Dawn, a compatible SUBLEQ CPU also can be emulated relatively easily on every other architecture. The performance can be boosted up with various tricks.