This page will list the available hardware and software for Dawn operating system.

There is nothing yet, since the operating system is just released. If you create something related, please drop an e-mail to me, and i will put it out here.

Buy Dawn compatible hardware:

Nothing available yet.

Software for Dawn operating system:

Not yet, only the built-in. Do your software, and mail a link!

Third party emulators for Dawn platform:

Nothing available yet.

Computers preinstalled with Dawn:

Nothing available yet.

Recent news from Dawn operating system:

Dogestories - Promoting Dawn OS

A Programming Language With Only One Command and the
Anti-Imperialist Operating System Built on it

Events related to Dawn operating system:

Nothing available yet.

Interviews related to Dawn operating system:

Nothing available yet.

Top donators (public donations with notable quantity):


If you really badly have to send me prototypes:

This is NOT a prototype:

This is neither:

This is still not a prototype:

This IS a prototype:

A prototype is not bigger than a pocket, it eats maximum 1A from 5v-12v dc power input, has a durable sd card especially if you use it as a ram cache, has a PS2 keyboard interface, or a built in touchscreen large enough to see the screen, or outputs regular image output and sound output with a jack connector. It does not needs any type of cooling, it not gets hot, it not burns, it not explodes, it not dies within hours - IT NOT DIES AT ALL, even if i touch it hardver, it fells down, or even if i feed it after midnight. Sorry, i dont sign NDA-s.

You plan to just send it with postal service? Wrong, my contry is not a free economy, the prototypes will be STOLEN at the border by the tollers, and i will never receive it - thats how the things go in corrupt maffia-states. So you have to ask somebody to SMUGLER the prototype through the borders, and then send the package to me with the national post inside the contry. The package may also contains handful of cash in random currencys to motivate me.