Visual Novel engine

For Android/Windows/Linux
Freeware visual novel maker software created by Geri


This software can be freely used, but please if you find it usable, and/or if you plan to
contact to the support, send me a few (3-30) usd worth of Dogecoins to get your requests honored:

Send dogecoin to:

This engine allows you to create Visual Novels without programming knowledge. It supports
the most common image and sound formats (jpg, png, wav, ogg).

Its capable of north/east/south/west orientation, and have a simple bult-in battle system with
attack, HP, and escape (teleport) system. The engine is capable of item handling and room teleporting.

To make a game, you have to do a directory for every room (map), then copy the background in, and
create a text file to describe the room with text. You need an apk editor to change the files in the
Android package. By default, it contains a minigame to show you the things.

This document will now descripbe the usage of this game engine. Save it if you want, and print it
if it is necessary.

The game scene space works like this:

<-- WestEast -->

X coordinate is the first, then Y folows


-Every room (map) is in different directory.
-The game starts at a fix location, in the room 1000_1000.
-You can automatically go to the nearby rooms.
-At default, North, West, East, and South will be displayed as movement directions.
But you can rename this by creating north.txt and you put a text in like: ,,I go into the basement''. etc.
The same applies for south and other directions.
-Every text file should be in ASCII / iso 8859-2 encoding.
-It can cause problems to edit the files under older versions of Windows (due to the \n\r line end notation). kwrite will do it.
-text.txt displays the information of the room.
-background.jpg or background.png is accepted as the wallpaper of the given room.
-hero.png will be the image of the hero. this can be changed in every room (like when you creeping in a canal, or going up on a ladder)
-item.txt contains the item you can pick up. They description folows in new line.
-gameover.txt - create and write 1 in it if entering the map results a game over. Write 2 in it, if its a positive end (and so the game not restarts).
-teleport_if_item_exists.txt: contains x coordinate, enter, y coordinate, enter, name of item.
it teleports only if the item exists.
-teleport.txt teleports to x coordinate (enter) y coordinate.
-Maximum x*y room coordinates are 7999x7999. Bigger values will result memory corruption and game crash.

battle system:

-create enemy subdirectory within the directory of the room.
-enemy/text.txt describes the enemy (like filty succubus appeared and attempted to temp me)
-enemy/enemy.png picture of the enemy.
-enemy/attackname1.txt, attackname2.txt ...... attackname5.txt : first line is the name of action (for example: ,,i kick him/her''), enter, the description of the caused action (you attempted to kick him, but he grabbed your leg, and pounched you), enter,
then in new line the enemy HP loss, like 10, enter, then your HP loss, like 20.
-HP starts always at 100
-if you write -1 to both of the life points, then the action is interpreted as escape. in this case you need too more lines to describe the X and the Y coordinate of room where you are escaping.


Rooms can contain a music.ogg or music.wav. it will be looped and stay even if you go to different map.
Enemy folder can containt a music.ogg or music.wav respectively

Good to know:

1. Everything is case sensitive. This includes file names, and item names.
2. To avoid encoding incompatibility, please use the same text editor application for every file.
3. Some .jpg files are compressed with new algorithms, and they will not being properly displayed, or even crash (usually the result will be probably white in this case).
4. Remember! Older android phones just having like ~100-200 mbyte of storage. Your game really should not be bigger than 20-30 mbyte.
5. This is tested on Android 4.0 and above (this is an ARM binary). It maybe runs on android 3 or even 2.3, but it will not run under 2.0 or below,
6. A mini game is inserted by default to see whats going on, it features everything you will need.
7. Maximally 20000 item can be used in the game. Do not use negative coordinates in maps.
8. Do not use large images, or voice files, or loading them can create pauses.
9. Get a proper program that can manipulate the contects of .apk, otherwise the archive will be corrupted.
10. Donate if you plan to write a question to the support e-mail, to ensure your request will be honored!
11. Donators, if they request, can get a crossplatform Windows and Linux (x86) compatible version capable to run the same game structure.
12. Cell phones below 3 col and 480*320 will maybe not be able to render the texts in visible ways.
13. This app requires 300 mbyte free RAM.
14. Windows notepad maybe displays the tutorial game txt files in one line due to a 30 year old unfixed bug in windows. The game engine can interpret the windows notepad file format too, so you can use the notepad to write the texts aniway.

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