Download Anime Maker

(contains both Linux, Windows, Android executables, and an example anime)

Buy Anime Maker

Full version has no watermark

You can buy the software for Dogecoin or Monacoin:
Software costs 2000 Dogecoin
(2000 dogecoins = ~7 usd)

Dogecoin address:

Software costs 1 Monacoin
(1 Monacoin = ~7 usd)

Monacoin address:

Software costs 15 Euro

Send your Machine Code as notice with the payment, or send it to the support e-mail address. I cant generate the serial key without your Machine Code!
After sending the coins, contact the support to get your license key:

The response will take usually 2-4 days.
Your e-mail must contain the proof of your payment, and your machine code.
The machine code is needed to generate your license key. You will find it if you start the software, on the left corner down, it will look similar to this (in your case, it will obviously be a different number):

If you change your computer, or major parts of your computer, your license key will stop working, in that case you will have to buy a new license key. Due to this, its highly recommended to purchache the license key for a computer or tablet device you not plan to throw out. Once you alreday have a license key, you can buy additional license keys (up to two per year) with 50% discount (in the case of buying a new computer, or buying a key for your group members, etc).

If you wonder, where to buy Dogecoin, search for official services selling Dogecoin to avoid being scammed.
Some sites will not work from contries, this will vary from contry to contry.

Other crypto accepted as well (Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monacoin, Ethereum) - ask in e-mail for more info.