Freqently asked questions

-How to contact support?
Lifetime support for donators.

Please make clean in the letter, that you are contacting on the purpose of what software.

What are the minimum machine demands?
-An 1,6 ghz Intel, AMD, VIA, or ARM cpu
-2 core (or HT).
-1 Gbyte of RAM (swap should be turned on)
-At least a 7" screen, or bigger, if you use touchscreen
-The software will start on much weaker and older computers too, but the speed will be probably too slow.

What are the recommended machine demands?
-A 3 ghz CPU with at least 2 cores
-4 Gbyte of RAM
-A screen with 1920x1080 resolution, or bigger
-Keyboard and mouse

-32 bit, or 64 bit?
Anime Maker supports 32 bit and 64 bit executables on Linux and Windows, on Android, it only supports regular 32 bit android apk.
Please run 64 bit executable on 64 bit systems - its much faster.

-What are the limitations of the trial version?
Trial version displays a watermark, it does not have other limitations.

-What codecs will this software use?
This software will not use any video or codec from your system.

-How many thread will the software use?
The software will use maximum up to 5 threads, and able to use up to 2-3 cores efficiently.

-How much bones can i apply on a layer?
You can place up to 8 bones, each bone can have 4 joint. This limit exists to avoid performance problems.

-On windows, the exported avi file not shows up in the file system, but the software says success.
It seems Anime Maker runs in a sandbox. Quit the software, and restart it by right click ,,run as an administrator''.

-Can bones overlap in a layer?
It is possible, but expect more glitching than usual.

-Can i use the software in portrait mode on Android?
No, you can only use the software in landscape mode,

Anime Maker seems to use too much cpu time when its in idle
-Anime Maker supports power saving in idle only on powerfull computers, as the base cycles will still consume a lot of CPU on a weak computer.

-Sometimes the resolution of the GUI falls down, and/or resolution of individual layers are falling down.
This behaviour is automatic, if the software detects too low fps, decreases the resolution to keep responsibility. It will not happen when the software renders your video.

-My bones are glitching at the joints.
Move a bit up or downwards the joint, so it will glitch less.

-What graphics cards are needed to run this software?
This software uses software renderer, it is very fluid on every decent computer, so it will not be faster from changing graphics cards in your computer.
If you are a payed costumer, do not attempt to change elements of computer, as the license key maybe will stop working.

-What formats can the software load?
jpg, png, bmp for images, wav and ogg for sound.

-Can the projects be relocated into other operating systems, such as from linux to android or windows?
The projects can be relocated to other versions of operating systems, if the files are not using static paths.

-What is the maximum length of a movie?
There is no limit for the length of a video, when it is saved in split avi mode, but its not recommended to create a movie more than 3 hours long.

-What is the maximal lenght of audio files?
Its not recommended to use more than 20 minute long audio files due to memory management, and some formats canot store more than a specific number of bytes.

-A jpg picture has been downloaded from the internet, placed to the project directory, but it refuses to load,everything is white
Some newer-standard jpg files maybe will not work properly in the software. Open them with your platforms default image edition software (like paint), and save them - this will re-save the file in proper format.

-If unicode/utf8 subtitles possible?
No, use romanization, or pictures.

-How to learn using this software?
Use your common sense, and pay attention to the tooltips at bottom on the right side. The software is self-explaining.

-Can i change the icons in the software? They look grey and very boring.
This is a tool for work, and not a design show.

-What alternative methods can i use to pay for the software?
You can use Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. First one is preferred. Ask in e-mail for the addresses.

How not to suck at making anime

Motivational and demotivational FAQ once you figured out Anime Maker, and started to create your own anime

-Do you want to create a parody of something? Okay, good luck, but are you sure you are that funny? There are plenty of parodies, and it would be hard to stand out. You want to create a great romantic drama, but you sure your stories are that romantic and dramatic? Ensure to have the skills for the seleted genre. Accumulate your stories and tell it to your friends about it, until the story reaches the point of great and positive interest. Shitty story will result shitty anime, and you dont want your work to go down in the toilet. If you are shit at making stories, dont worry, use a very great and popular fanfic or novel, but always be sure the story is really good.

-After you have your story, you may quickly write a text file about all the shots and scenes in time order, including the conversations of the characters. This will take you a few hours, or even a day, but this will help you, if you tend to not rapidly come up with great ideas while creating the anime. Once you have the story, and downloaded the required pictures and music from internet, you can do your all-night long anime within 2 days. But if you just sitting in the front of the computer, and wondering what you should do next, your process will be not as efficient.

-The timeline of anime and cartoons are very rapid, fillers are not tolerated by the viewers. Scenes and shots are always supposed to bring the story forward. They are usually short (3 second). They only exceed this in the case of long conversations, but its good to usually have at least another camera view after 3,5-5 seconds. Shots usually having conversation, or important acts for the story. If you feel your anime is having too many meaningless fillers, and shots without actual purpose, just delete them, as longer anime not necessary will mean better or more serious anime.

-Nobody cares about two minute long mini movies, art movies, meaningless short-dramas with dieing robots. If they teached these on your movie studies, your education was useless, and only usable on government-payed showreels created by talentless people to award the other talentless people. You dont want to be that type of guy. But your education probably had important parts too, like how to properly organise the scene redirect and control the focus of the viewers. Use that skill, or learn it first if you had no art education, so your scenes will be much better.

-Do you know those self-proclaimed game developers, who have no programming skills to even write that 5 FOR cycles to render the 3d objects in C, so they download some game engine, where they can fly with WASD in a scene, and somehow they think they alreday finished the 99% of the task, so they leave disgusting and egoistic comments, but they will never achieve anything, and disappear without a trace? The same goes everywhere. Work alone, or only join to groups with people who alreday achieved something. With Anime Maker, your should have results instantly. Quit the groups who still cant show up the first 5-10 minutes of the movie after a week. With using Anime Maker, you are probably the boss aniway - fire the people who are fail to provide. You put the scenes together rapidly, work properly. If you have dub actors, they sending the dub. If you have a story writer, he writes the story and/or the scenario quickly. Dont let others to pull you back, and dont pull back others. Avoid people who cant work very quickly. Learn how to get shit done, and dont drool in the front of your screen if others are waiting for you.

-First you finish the movie, then you add the dub, and finally you add the effects.

-Anime Maker has a lot of good particle effects, such as fire, candle, waterfall... But this will not fix your scenes, if they are shitty, just will make them even more arkward. Use effects ONLY when they are necessary - for example the characters are standing in the front of a fountain. A good effect will not catch the focus of the viewers. If somebody want to watch colorful sparks all over, he goes to watch the fireworks at december 31. Effects are good if the character opens tap water, or a fire is starting somewhere, but its not something that will somehow magically make your movie better. Just look at the western movies nowdays: they totally restricted or even stopped using the effects, and it made the overall quality of the movies better. Proper coloring and lighting of the whole scene is manditory for the effects to look good. If you are not sure to use effect on the scene or not, you probably should NOT use any. Also, if you decided to use the effect, do it properly. If you need a fountain, its just not enough to choose the fountain effect and a water texture - you should probably add the two sided fountain and waterfall effects for the downward stream, and decrease the transparency on everything to have the effect looking properly, but DO NOT PLAY TOO MUCH with the effects, as they will appear for 3-4 seconds on the scene aniway. Effects are the salt of the movie, you have to add them in very small quantity. Only add the effects after you have done the movie itself.

-Music in the background is usually rare. Use some repetitive music patterns instead that fits the scene. Like cars passing by, the noise of printers and computers in the office,

-Dub actors should not overdo they acting. They just barely need to change they sound tone in the situations.

-The animation and movement should be rapid. Even if you animating dinosaurs, the bone joints are bricky aniway.

-Do not use overly large resolutions, its not necessary, and it will just highlight the lack of quality.