Do you want to create your own Anime?

Anime Maker is an ultimately simple and but powerfull crossplatform software to create animated cartoons and anime.

Download your favorite anime fanworks (characters, backgrounds) from internet, then open them with Anime Maker to create an Anime from them!

Anime Maker offers shot based timeline management with 27 image layers, simple BONE ANIMATION for moving your heroes, dozens of effect including fire, water, snowfall, fountain, and refraction.

Make your own anime for amatheur or professional movie competitions! Create your own ultimate fanfictions from your favorit anime, impress your friends, create your own anime seasons for televisions, or video sharing sites!

Your career as an anime artist starts today!

Anime Maker offers all the feature that required to create an anime, including the folowing:

- Time-line and shot based video edition with copy/paste/delete abilities
- Support for bmp, jpg, png formats with alpha map, and automatic alpha-map generation
- 27 independent graphics layer to create your movie
- 3 sound channel on the timeline
- Wav and ogg files for audio
- Mouse and touchscreen for input
- AVI video export with antialiasing
- x86 and ARM based computers and mobile phones
- Windows, Linux and Android compatibility
- 8 invididual bones on all layers, with 4 joints each
- Real time motion movement recording for realible animation
- Dozens of fire and particle effects with your own textures
- Layer refraction effects (water waves, etc)
- Anime Maker supports multiple CPU cores for great performance
- Dedicated mouth speak layer management
- More stable than video software usually
- Very small memory footprint, and powersaving
- Ability to morph, move, resize, color, blend your layers in real-time
- WYSIWYG editor: what you see is what you will get on export
- Supports cutting exported video into multiple files
- Tooltips as easy usage guide
- Instant start and quit
- Multimedia cacheing to avoid memory waste
- 16:9 ratio with custom shot sizes optimized for Anime
- Colored and shadowed subtitles

(some contents of this screenshot ripped from various anime - they belong to they creators)

The interface of Anime Maker designed to allow rapid and quality work. Anime Makers only goal is to create Anime in it, unlike other movie software that wants to do everything, Anime Maker has no bloatwareish menus, only the interface to create your Anime, nothing more and nothing less.

Anime Maker uses software rendering, this allows the users to run the software on regular computers and cell phones, providing the same results on every computer. Anime Maker will run on regular and old computers too, without compatibility issues.

Due to the proper code, Anime Maker runs on Linux and Windows, and also works on cell phones with Android operating system. The android version of the software is fully functional, it offers the same features and interface, and it is not limited in any form, thus allowing the produce of animes directly from your pocket when you commute, travel, or when you have some free time.

Anime maker is designed for both regular people, hobbists, amatheur and professional movie artists. Lets make Anime great again!