For Linux and Windows
Freeware tool to upload your books, novels, fanfictions, text snippets to the blockchain.
Bookchain can generate outputs thats compatible with Bitcoin Cash and Monacoin.

The generated string should be copy-pasted to Electron wallet/Electrum Mona to proceed.


If you want to ask questions,
you can contact me here:

This tool saves your books in human-readable format, it can process regular letters only.
The meaning of the numbers are the following:
1: this is actually a small L letter
4: !
5: ,
6: .
7: space
8: ignored
9: ?

bookchain.exe -coin:monacoin "This is an example text that can be uploaded to the blockchain. Uploading books to the blockchain is suprisingly cheap and simple. "

This software will not write or read files, and will not communicate with the network.

A fanfiction made by me, uploaded to Monacoin chain (mirror)
The same fanfiction uploaded to Bitcoin Cash chain